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People on Track


Three different people move on the same track, which is $400\ m$ in circumference. The track has two straight portions that are over $100\ m$ in length and the two curves are each under $100\ m$ in length.

Person 1 walks straight northward on the track for 100 meters, starting at point $S$ and finishing at point $F$ 50 seconds later.

Person 2 starts out southward from point $S$ and runs part way around the track, finishing at the same point $F$ as person 1 in 50 seconds.

Person 3 starts out southward from Point $S$ and runs all the way around the track, finishing at point $S$ in 50 seconds.

Rank these three people according to the magnitude of their average velocities during their movements on the track, greatest magnitude first.


3, 2, 1.


1, 2, 3.


1 and 2 tie, then 3.


3, then 1 and 2 tie.


All tie.