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Inference 2


Morality of Birth Control, Margaret Sanger

The following is a speech delivered on Nov. 18, 1921, at the Park Theatre in New York City by Margaret Sanger titled “The Morality of Birth Control.”

Sanger, Margaret. "The Morality of Birth Control." Meeting, 18 November 1921. Park Theatre, New York City. Web. 12 Mar. 2016.

Readers can infer from the following lines, "Everyone who answered did so with sincerity and courtesy, with the exception of one group whose reply to this important question as demonstrated at the Town Hall last Sunday evening was a disgrace to liberty-loving people, and to all traditions we hold dear in the United States" (lines 19-23), that


all recipients of the letter responded with sincere and objective responses.


the recipients considered the letter to be a disgrace and were appalled by its contents.


one recipient of the letter refused to acknowledge its receipt


one recipient of the letter reacted to the letter in a manner that was offensive and dishonorable.