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The Thief in the Mirror - Frans B. M de Waal

De Waal, Frans B. M. "The Thief in the Mirror." PLOS Biology (2008): n. pag. Web. 20 Mar. 2016.

According to this paragraph:

"Placed on the same black throat feathers, the visible mark—a tiny colored sticker—stood out, but only in a mirror. Put in front of a mirror, the magpies kept scratching with their foot until the mark was gone, whereas they left the sham mark alone. They also didn't do the same amount of frantic scratching if there was no mirror to see themselves in. Evidently, their self-preening was guided by visual feedback from the mirror."

What is the significance of the birds' reaction to the sham marks?


It proves that Magpies like to gather shiny objects.


It proves that Magpies like to groom themselves.


It proves that Magpies look to the mirror for feedback.


It proves that the sham mark was itching, hence the frantic scratching.