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Vocabulary Meaning 1


Elizabeth, Queen of England, Samuel Griswold Goodrich

"Elizabeth, Queen of England." Lives of Celebrated Women. Ed. Samuel Griswold Goodrich. Boston: n.p., 1843. 335-38. Forgotten Books, 2015. Web. 20 Mar. 2016.

In lines 5-7:

“She devoted herself, however, to study, and is thus described at this period: “She was of admirable beauty, and well deserving a crown of a modest gravity, excellent wit, royal soul, happy memory, and indefatigably given to the study of learning, insomuch as, before she was seventeen years of age, she understood well the Latin, French, and Italian tongues, and had an indifferent knowledge of the Greek.”

What is the meaning of the word indefatigably?


Easily defeated.


Persisting tirelessly.


Indifferently given.


Angrily forced.