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African-Americans in WWI


This is the country to which we Soldiers of Democracy return. This is the fatherland for which we fought!
But it is our fatherland. It was right for us to fight. The faults of our country are our faults. Under similar circumstances we would fight again. But by the God of Heaven, we are cowards and jackasses if now that that war is over, we do not marshal every ounce of our brain and brawn to fight a sterner, longer, more unbending battle against the forces of hell in our own land.– (W.E.B. DuBois, The Crisis, May 1919)

Which of the following is the main message of DuBois’ quote above?


America has always been a hypocrisy and, therefore, not worth fighting for.


African-Americans were given false hope when they volunteered to serve the nation in war.


African-Americans must be self-advocates in their fight for equality and justice.


African-Americans’ lack of patriotism is an obstacle in achieving equality and justice.


American participation in the First World War did more damage than good for African-Americans.