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Military Deaths in War


Diagram showing the number of American soldiers who died while fighting. Digital image. Death and Taxes. N.p., n.d. Web. 1 Mar. 2016.

The chart above compares military deaths of the several American wars. America's participation in the Second World War was less than 4 years yet deaths exceeded 400,000. America's participation in the Vietnam Conflict lasted over 10 years with just over 58,000 deaths in that conflict.

ALL BUT WHICH of the following helps explain this disproportion?


American battleground strategies were greatly improved in the 20 years between wars serving to keep the death rate down.


The Second World War encompassed two battle fronts (Europe and the Pacific).


Medical advances had greatly improved in the 20 years between both wars.


The introduction of the helicopter in the 1950s helped evacuate wounded servicemen to field hospitals.


Much of the fighting in the Vietnam War was guerrilla warfare in jungle conditions.