The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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A Hanging Metaphor


Highlight the word from this scene in Chapter 30 that indicates the fate the duke and king would have met if they had not escaped the angry mob.

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"You better a blame sight give yourself a good cussing, for you're the one that's entitled to it most. You hain't done a thing, from the start, that had any sense in it, except coming out so cool and cheeky with that imaginary blue-arrow mark. That was bright- it was right down bully; and it was the thing that saved us. For if it hadn't been for that, they'd a jailed us till them Englishmen's baggage come- and then- the penitentiary, you bet! But that trick took 'em to the graveyard, and the gold done us a still bigger kindness; for if the excited fools hadn't let go all holts and made that rush to get a look, we'd a slept in our cravats to-night- warranted to wear, too- longer than we'd need 'em."