The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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A Legal Angle


In Chapter 5, Judge Thatcher tries to get Huck away from his father. What are some of the events that occur when he attempts this?

Choose ALL that apply.


The Judge was granted temporary custody of Huck, until the new judge was satisfied that Pap would be a suitable father and reformed member of society.


Pap promised to beat Huck until he produced the money.


Pap got so drunk he went around town hollering and beating on an old tin pan until after midnight, resulting in his being jailed for a week.


Judge Thatcher offered to pay for Pap's alcoholism treatment, sending him to a sanitarium in New Orleans until he could beat the demon of alcohol and come back a better father for Huck.


The new judge didn't know who Judge Thatcher was, so he didn't believe him when Thatcher talked about Pap's past history.