The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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A Likely Story


In Chapter 13, how does Huck convince the captain of the steamboat to go rescue the murderers on the sinking Walter Scott?


Huck uses the name of a rich passenger the captain revealed earlier in their conversation to cement the lie that there were rich people who needed rescuing and would be very grateful.


Huck weaves a very dramatic tale of his entire family being stuck on the boat, engendering the captain's sympathy.


Huck tells the truth and informs him that a man is about to be murdered in the boat, and the murders need to be stopped.


Huck promises to reveal the location of some treasure if the captain helps him out, taking a page out of Tom Sawyer's book.


Huck Tricks the captain into believing that he would give up the location of Jim, so the captain could return him to Miss Watson for the reward.