The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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Huck and Jim Converse


What is the point of having Huck and Jim pause on their journey in Chapter 14 to talk about all manner of things from polygamy to the pay of kings to the nature of communication?


Huck and Jim need a break from the terror of encountering the murderers on the sinking steamboat in the previous two chapters.


It is foreshadowing Jim and Huck's encounter with the Duke and the King in coming chapters.


During the chapter Jim reveals his logical and clever way of thinking, even outsmarting Huck a few times.


It is setting up the theme of Appearance vs. Reality as Huck is appearing to be an authority over books, which is the domain of Tom Sawyer.


Twain obviously was not sure how to transition the story in a more appropriate manner fitting of the themes of the text.