The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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Meeting the Grangerfords


What can Huck expect from the Grangerfords in terms of hospitality?

Highlight the one line below that best demonstrates the Grangerfords' main concern when it comes to Huck's identity.

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In about half a minute somebody spoke out of a window, without putting his head out, and says: "Be done, boys! Who's there?" I says: "It's me." "Who's me?" "George Jackson, sir." "What do you want?" "I don't want nothing, sir. I only want to go along by, but the dogs won't let me." "What are you prowling around here this time of night, for- hey?" "I warn't prowling around, sir; I fell overboard off of the steamboat." "Oh, you did, did you? Strike a light there, somebody. What did you say your name was?" "George Jackson, sir. I'm only a boy." "Look here; if you're telling the truth, you needn't be afraid- nobody'll hurt you. But don't try to budge; stand right where you are. Rouse out Bob and Tom, some of you, and fetch the guns. George Jackson, is there anybody with you?" "No, sir, nobody." I heard the people stirring around in the house, now, and see a light. The man sung out: "Snatch that light away, Betsy, you old fool- ain't you got any sense? Put it on the floor behind the front door. Bob, if you and Tom are ready, take your places." "All ready." "Now, George Jackson, do you know the Shepherdsons?" "No, sir- I never heard of them." "Well, that may be so, and it mayn't. Now, all ready. Step forward, George Jackson. And mind, don't you hurry- come mighty slow. If there's anybody with you, let him keep back- if he shows himself he'll be shot. Come along, now. Come slow; push the door open, yourself- just enough to squeeze in, d' you hear?" I didn't hurry, I couldn't if I'd a wanted to. I took one slow step at a time, and there warn't a sound, only I thought I could hear my heart. The dogs were as still as the humans, but they followed a little behind me. When I got to the three log door-steps, I heard them unlocking and unbarring and unbolting. I put my hand on the door and pushed it a little and a little more, till somebody said, "There, that's enough- put your head in." I done it, but I judged they would take it off.