The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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Took Off Running to Judge Thatcher


Huck notices that there is something in the snow outside of the stile by his house. It makes him go off running as fast as he can to Judge Thatcher.

What did he see and why did he go to Judge Thatcher?


Some of Tom Sawyer's books; because he thought Tom could be in trouble and the Judge could help.


Jim's hairball; because he thought Jim was trying to curse him and the Judge would be able to put Jim in jail.


A boot print with a cross made from nails in the heel; because he wanted Judge Thatcher to take his money.


Miss Watson collapsed in the snow; he knew he needed to get an adult to help her and Judge Thatcher is the adult he trusts the most.


A slaughtered pig; because he figured the pig was stolen and he knew the judge could help sort it out.