The Crucible

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Hale Suspects Proctor


Once he arrives, Hale proceeds to question Proctor.

Which of the following responses from Proctor most likely causes Hale to think Proctor is involved with witchcraft?


"Proctor, evading: I - have no knowledge in that line. But it's hard to think so pious a woman be secretly a Devil's bitch after seventy year of such good prayer."


"Proctor: Mr. Hale, I never knew I must account to that man for I come to church or stay at home. My wife were sick this winter."


"Proctor: It does, sir, it does; and it tells me that a minister may pray to God without he have golden candlesticks upon the altar."


"Proctor, starts 'o speak, then stops, then, as though unable to restrain this: I like it not that Mr. Parris should lay his hand upon my baby. I see no light of God in that man. I'll not conceal it."


"Proctor: I nailed the roof upon the church, I hung the door -"