The Great Gatsby

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Wilson's pursuit of the driver


Michaelis tells the police that Wilson told him he “had a way of finding out” who owned the car that killed Myrtle.

What is the most likely explanation for how he got the information that led him to Gatsby’s house?


He went to every garage in the area inquiring about the yellow car until he found the mechanic that serviced it and asked for Gatsby’s address.


He took down the license plate number and traced it through the motor vehicle registry, which quickly led him to Gatsby’s home.


Assuming the owner had to live in either West Egg or East Egg, he went door to door peering into garages until he found the car at Gatsby’s.


He spoke to Tom and asked him who the car belonged to, and where the owner lived, which led him to Gatsby’s house.


He walked to a restaurant in Port Roosevelt and began asking people if they had ever seen the car before. Finally, he found someone who had, and who told him the car belonged to Gatsby.