The Hunger Games

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Balancing the Benefits


In literature (particularly dystopian fiction), the thematic idea of society versus the individual is based on the notion that some decisions benefit individuals, while some benefit society as a whole. For example, speed limits are supposed to benefit all of society. Some individuals may benefit from driving as fast as they want down the highway, but it is more dangerous for all the dr​ivers on the road to not have set speed limits.

Considering this, which of the following choices is true?


Capitol citizens are entertained by the Hunger Games, which benefits the individuals in the Capitol because they are always intellectually stimulated.


Keeping the district citizens within certain boundaries benefits society because it keeps everyone much safer.


Districts specializing in a specific export benefits the individuals in those districts because they profit from being experts in one field.


Two tributes from each district must go to the Hunger Games, which benefits society by keeping Panem’s future free of wars.


Information between the districts and between the Capitol and the districts is restricted, which benefits the individuals in the Capitol by giving them more power.