The Hunger Games

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From "Hunted" to "Hunter"


Which of the following passages BEST shows the moment where Katniss realizes she has changed from being “the hunted” to “the hunter"?


“It’s mayhem. The Careers have woken to a full-scale tracker jacker attack..I can hear cries of ‘To the lake! To the lake!’ and know they hope to evade the wasps by taking to the water.”


“Clenching my jaw, I dig my hands under Glimmer’s body, get a hold on what must be her rib cage, and force her onto her stomach...I tug on the silver sheath of arrows, but it’s caught on something, her shoulder blade, something, and finally yank it free.”


“They bear no trace of the noxious green slime that came from Glimmer’s body--which leads me to believe that might not have been wholly real--but they have a fair amount of dried blood on them.”


"The weapons give me an entirely new perspective on the Games…If Cato broke through the trees right now, I wouldn’t flee, I’d shoot. I find I’m actually anticipating the moment with pleasure.”


Water first, I think. You can hunt along the way now....So I walk off in the other direction, hoping my enemies still lie locked in the surreal world of tracker jacker venom.”