The Hunger Games

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Internally Conflicted


Which choices represent the internal conflicts that Katniss feels toward Peeta at the beginning of the games?

Choose ALL that apply.


Katniss is thankful that Peeta professed his love for her on stage, but angry with him for many of his actions as well.


Katniss dreads running into Peeta in the arena, but wants him by her side to protect her and help her hunt.


Katniss feels she owes Peeta for saving her life by giving her the bread, but also feels that she owes him for making her look desirable by proclaiming his love.


Katniss thinks it is better if Peeta dies early so she does not have to kill him, but she is relieved he is alive because his winning could benefit her mother and Prim.


Katniss acknowledges that she cares deeply for Peeta, but cannot understand how she also feels deeply for Gale.