The Kite Runner

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A Glittery Little Star


For two years, I tried to get Baba to enroll in ESL classes to improve his broken English. But he scoffed at the idea. "Maybe I’ll spell ‘cat’ and the teacher will give me a glittery little star so I can run home and show it off to you." He’d grumble.

Which of the following can be inferred from this passage from Chapter 11?

Select ALL that apply.


Baba is frustrated that he no longer enjoys the privileges and benefits of his lifestyle in Afghanistan.


Amir is adapting to life in America more easily than Baba is.


Baba feels that he is not being accorded the respect he deserves by the teacher of the ESL class.


Baba regrets leaving Afghanistan.


Amir is pleased that he is finally more accomplished than his father.