The Kite Runner

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A Way of Life Had Ended


Which of the following quotations from chapter 5 exhibit foreshadowing to changes in the world outside of the novel?


“Something roared like thunder. The earth shook a little and we heard the rat-a-tat-tat of gunfire.”


“The generation of Afghan children whose ears know nothing but the sounds of bombs and gunfire was not yet born.”


“We let him wrap us in his arms and, for a brief insane moment, I was glad about whatever had happened that night.”


“Soon, it was just a pink jagged line running up from his lip. By the following winter, it was only a faint scar. Which was ironic. Because that was the winter that Hassan stopped smiling.”


“The Hindi kid would soon learn what the British learned earlier in the century, and what the Russians would eventually learn by the late 1980s: that Afghans are independent people.”