The Kite Runner

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Can I Ask You Something?


I got up. “Come on, Sohrab,” I said in Farsi. Sohrab slid next to me, rested his head on my hip. I remembered the Polaroid of him and Hassan standing that same way. “Can I ask you something, Mr. Andrews?”
“Do you have children?”
For the first time, he blinked.
“Well, do you? It’s a simple question.”
He was silent.
“I thought so,” I said, taking Sohrab’s hand. “They ought to put someone in your chair who knows what it’s like to want a child.”

What piece of information is later revealed that makes this reaction by Amir in chapter 24 regrettable?


Raymond Andrews had already granted Amir permission to adopt Sohrab.


Raymond Andrews is so offended he refuses to help Amir any further.


Raymond Andrews had a daughter who died.


Raymond Andrews uses this exchange as justification to deny the application for adoption.


Raymond Andrews is the only person who can help Amir get Sohrab out of the country.