The Kite Runner

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Soraya and Sohrab


On the day when Amir finally gets Sohrab to fly a kite with him after about a year of living with them and refusing to talk, he makes the following observation about his wife:

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Soraya watching us from the tent. Hands tensely dug in her armpits. Unlike me, she’d gradually abandoned her attempts at engaging him.

What best explains Soraya’s attitude towards Sohrab?

Select ALL that apply.


She is fed up with his selfishness after all she has done for him.


She is jealous of how much Amir loves Sohrab.


She feels a need to protect herself from loving him too much.


She is afraid that he will do something to harm her family.


She is weary and frustrated because she does not know how to help him.