The Kite Runner

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Thanks For Coming


I wished Baba would stop calling him that. How often did he call me “Amir jan”? “Thanks,” I said. Assef’s mother looked at me like she wanted to say something, but she didn’t, and I realized that neither of Assef’s parents had said a word. Before I could embarrass myself and Baba anymore --but mostly to get away from Assef and his grin -- I stepped away. “Thanks for coming,” I said.

What inference can reasonably be drawn from this passage, which takes place at Amir’s birthday party in chapter 8?​


Assef is very close to his parents.​


Baba sees through Assef’s “good kid” act.


Amir is a little jealous that Baba is being so friendly to Assef.


Amir is pleased that Assef is paying attention to him.


Assef’s parents know about the incident with Hassan.​