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Cut From the Same Cloth


A retired colonel’s batman, upon meeting Mr. Stevens for the first time, guesses accurately that he is a “top-notch” butler based on one telling detail.

Which is that detail in the extract given below? Highlight the sentence containing that specific detail.

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‘Now I got it. I couldn’t make you out for a while, but now I got it. You’re one of them top-notch butlers. From one of them big posh houses.’ When I told him he was not so far off the mark, he continued: ‘Now I got it. Couldn’t make you out for a while, see, ‘cause you talk almost like a gentleman. And what with you driving an old beauty like this’—he gestured to the Ford – ‘I thought, at first, here’s a really posh geezer. And so you are, guv. Really posh, I mean. I never learnt any of that myself, you see. I’m just a plain old batman gone civvy.’