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Saying It with Flowers


Identify the details that create an image of Miss Kenton in the following first memorable encounter between her and Mr. Stevens.

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She {Miss Kenton} came in holding a large vase of flowers and said with a smile: ‘Mr. Stevens, I thought these would brighten your parlour a little.’ ‘I beg your pardon, Miss Kenton?’ ‘It seemed such a pity your room should be so dark and cold, Mr. Stevens, when it’s such bright sunshine outside. I thought these would enliven things a little.’ ‘That’s very kind of you, Miss Kenton.’ ‘It’s a shame more sun doesn’t get in here. The walls are even a little damp, are they not, Mr. Steves? I turned back to my accounts, saying: ‘Merely condensation, I believe, Miss Kenton.’