The Stranger

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Life's Absurdity


Which of the following quotations best reflects Meursault's realization that life is absurd?


"I have never seen a soul as hardened as yours. The criminals who have come before me have always wept at this image of suffering."


"And yet something had changed, since it was back to my cell to wait for the next day…as if familiar paths traces in summer skies could lead as easily to prison as to the sleep of the innocent."


"Even in the prisoner's dock it's always interesting to hear people talk about you. And during the summations by the prosecutor and my lawyer, there was a lot said about me…"


"It was at that exact moment that the chaplain came in. When I saw him I felt a little shudder go through me. He noticed it and told me not to be afraid."


"He looked away and without moving asked me if I wasn't talking that way out of extreme despair. I explained to him that I wasn't desperate. I was just afraid, which was only natural."