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Which word does NOT BEST describe the tone and diction in O'Brien's speech to Winston and which literary device is best applied to this passage?

Look at the condition you are in!... Look at this filthy grime all over your body. Look at the dirt between your toes…the disgusting running sore on your leg… you stink like a goat... look at your emaciation... I can make my thumb and forefinger meet around your biceps... I could snap your neck like a carrot... your hair is coming out in handfuls... nine, ten, eleven teeth left... and the few you have left are dropping out of your head... you are rotting away...


Revulsion; Pun.


Abhorrence; Metaphor.


Antipathy'; Irony.


Empathy; Simile.


Repugnance; Alliteration.

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