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Which of the following literary devices can BEST be seen in the following passage and how is this device used?

It was a good hanging… I think it spoils it when they tie their feet together. I like to see them kicking. And above all, at the end, the tongue sticking right out, and blue-a quite bright blue. That's the details that appeal to me.


Situational Irony; this literary device creates an unexpected moment for the reader, who would definitely not be expecting Symes to be so interested and excited to see an individual hanged for committing a crime. It also implies that he would never expect something like that to happen to him.


Dramatic Irony; this literary device provides the audience with something we already know is going to occur, creating less surprise for the reader but establishing the notion that the hangings actually do occur.


Corporeal Imagery; this literary device allows the reader to interpret a few things: the type of person Symes is and the gory logistics of what occurs during a hanging with the body parts.


Foreshadowing; this literary device provides hints as to what will occur if Winston is captured by the Party.


Personification; this literary device creates a picture for the reader that comes alive in one's mind with the actions of the feet and the tongue of the victims presenting human-like qualities and physical characteristics.

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