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What is the irony seen in the following passage?

There was much talk about the forced-labor camps to which most of the prisoners expected to be sent. It was 'all right' in the camps, he gathered, so long as you had good contacts and knew the ropes… The positions of trust were given only to the common criminals, especially the gangsters and the murderers, who formed a sort of aristocracy. All the dirty jobs were done by the politicals.


It is ironic that the forced-labor camps were viewed by the prisoners as 'all right' since they were not of their own free will.


It is ironic that a prisoner was allowed to have contacts while on the inside when that suggests a sense of freedom.


It is ironic that the criminals who committed some of the most heinous crimes are the ones others trust in comparison with the politicals, who receive the dirty jobs. In reality, the politicals' actions are equally as bad as the criminals.


Both Choices 'A' & 'C'


Both Choices 'B' & 'C'

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