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As Julia appears in the apartment room with the items she has smuggled in for her and Winston, the woman in the yard is singing this song:

They sye that time eals all things, They sye you can always forget; But the smiles an' the tears acrorss the years They twist my eartstrings yet!

What is the situational irony within these lyrics?


The lyrics reflect the feelings Winston is having as he sees all of the goods that were in his early childhood years before the Party took control over everything.


The truth of time being the healer of all things is only something the Party attempts to persuade the citizens of Oceania to believe; since the Party's Music Department was responsible for coming up with the lyrics, it isn't surprising that they are trying to manipulate the Proles into believing this.


Despite the way Winston and Julia have been conditioned to think in favor of the Party, they are still unable to forget that there was once pleasure in their lives no matter how hard they try to forget.


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