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Winston is sitting in the cell when O'Brien is led into the room, and immediately, he exclaims,

They got you too! O'Brien replies, They got me a long time ago.

What is Winston's interpretation of O'Brien's reply?


Winston comes to understand that he has been hallucinating all of these events. He realizes that his meeting with O'Brien never took place in reality, only in his head.


Winston realizes that O'Brien was being used as bait by the Party to catch the rebels who refused to obey the rules.


Winston realizes that O'Brien had been listening to the telescreen in Winston's home and heard him talking in his sleep about meeting with O'Brien to discuss the Party's takedown.


Winston sees that his flat has been invaded and his diary discovered; this was the concrete evidence the Party needed to bring against Winston, Julia, and O'Brien.


Choices 'B', 'C', & 'D' are all relevant assumptions to Winston's interpretation of O'Brien's statement.

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