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What can be inferred by Julia and Winston's conversation at the beginning of chapter 10? I'm hungry, she said,

Let's make some more coffee. Damn! The stove's gone out and the water's cold… there's no oil in it… the funny thing is I made sure it was full...


Because of the lack of money Mr. Charrington's shop brings in, he stole the oil because he was unable to afford it himself.


Winston must have been detected by the woman who he watches out of the window, and she must have been in the room snooping and taken it.


Julia and Winston's hiding spot has been compromised; the Party's police have found them out and taken the oil when they were investigating the room.


The pot hanging over the stove was so old and had a crack in it; the oil leaked out during their time spent in the room without them realizing it.


Julia thought that she had refilled the pot, but, with so much going on and the new knowledge about the Brotherhood, she must have made a mistake.

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