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What reason can we infer the Party chose the new poster to plaster around town as seen in the following quote:

A new had suddenly appeared… had no caption… represented a monstrous figure of a Eurasian soldier… expressionless Mongolian face… a submachine gun pointed from his hip.


The Party wants the citizens of Oceania to see the new look of the military in hopes to have an increase in recruitment.


The Party wants to be sure that the citizens know they are being watched in their every move so they can't do anything against the Party.


The Party wants its citizens not only to understand that they are being watched, but they also want them to know what the repercussions of them being traitors will be.


The Party is changing their image to make it seem more threatening to their citizens; they used to use the poster of Big Brother watching but now have turned more towards violent implications.


Both Choices 'C' & 'D'

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