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Winston reflects on a game his mother had bought him, Snakes and Ladders.

During his reflection, he remembers how he was wildly excited and shouting with laughter as the tiddlywinks climbed hopefully up the ladders and then came slithering down the snakes again, almost back to the starting point.

How does this memory of the game resemble Winston's life with the Party?


Winston always felt as if he was on the rise in his career with the Party, but every time he was on the verge of breaking to the next level, his dreams were cut short by a promotion pass over.


Winston's connection to climbing higher and higher and then slipping back to the starting point was similar to his level of happiness with the Party and their rules; as he defies the Party and their rules for his own happiness escalates, but when he's caught he comes sliding back down to the point where he began.


Winston, being on the brink of breaking away from the Party with Julia, was the height of the ladder, but once caught, his life has come spiraling down and now he must begin from scratch with no indications of his past.


Winston creates the illusion of being at the top of the Party's supporters but once he meets with O'Brien, the support he has always supplied comes spiraling down.


Both Choices 'B' and 'C'

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