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Based on the following quote, what can we infer that Winston does NOT deem as something you would need and consider doing in order to survive?

Mrs. Parsons would be vaporized. Syme would be vaporized. Winston would be vaporized. O'Brien would be vaporized. Parsons, on the other hand, would never be vaporized. The eyeless creature with the quacking voice would never be vaporized. The little beetle like men who scuttled so nimbly through the labyrinth corridors of Ministries-they, too, would never be vaporized. And the girl with dark hair, the girl from the Fiction Department-she would never be vaporized either. It seemed to him that he knew instinctively who would survive...


Based on Winston's views, one would have to be employed by Big Brother in order to survive.


Based on Winston's views, the only way to survive would be to succumb to the Party's rules and thoughts completely.


According to Winston's internal dialogue, by being yourself and minding your own business, survival is sure to be your.


Winston thinks that survival of the fittest is the way Oceania and the Party operate.


The only way to survive, according to Winston, would be to think exactly what the Party wants you to think.

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