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Which quote BEST represents the theme of loyalty in the novel?

Choose ALL that apply.




"…the only evidence…was the mute protest in your own bones, the instinctive feeling that the conditions you lived in were intolerable and that at some other time they might have been different."




"She had not a thought in her head that was not a slogan…"


They were standing in front of a telescreen. Somewhat absentmindedly O'Brien felt two of his pockets and then produced a small leather-covered notebook and a gold ink-pencil. Immediately beneath the telescreen, in such a position that anyone who was watching at the other end of the instrument could read what he was writing, he scribbled an address, tore out the page and handed it to Winston.
"I am usually at home in the evenings," he said. "If not, my servant will give you the dictionary."

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