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Which of the following lines echoes a theme of the play?


“If we have unearned luck / Now to scape the serpent's tongue, / We will make amends ere long.” (5.1.422)


“Through the house give glimmering light / By the dead and drowsy fire / Every elf and fairy sprite / Hop as light as bird from brier, / And this ditty, after me, / Sing, and dance it trippingly.” (5.1.381)


“Through this palace, with sweet peace, / And the owner of it blest / Ever shall in safety rest.” (5.1.408)


“To the best bride-bed will we, / Which by use shall blessed be; / And the issue, there create, / Ever shall be fortunate.” (5.1.393)


“If we shadows have offended, / Think but this, and all is mended, / That you have but slumb'red here / While these visions did appear.” (5.1.413)

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