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The moon is very important in this play. It shows up in imagery and dialogue throughout all five acts.

Which line shows the moon as a marker of the passage of time?


“To live a barren sister all your life / Chanting faint hymns to the cold fruitless moon.”


“But I might see young / Cupid's fiery shaft / Quench'd in the chaste beams of the watery moon, / And the imperial votaress passed on.”


“Now, fair / Hippolyta, our nuptial hour / Draws on apace; four happy days bring in / Another moon: but, / O, methinks, how slow / This old moon wanes! she lingers my desires.”


“Thou hast by moonlight at her window sung, / With feigning voice verses of feigning love, / And stolen the impression of her fantasy.”


“Now the hungry lion roars, And the wolf behowls the moon;”

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