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When Bottom was first transformed, he was unaware of the change in his appearance.

Which lines show that his transformation has now incorporated more than just his new head?


“Come, sit thee down upon this flow'ry bed, / While I thy amiable cheeks do coy,” (4.1.3)


“Mounsieur Cobweb, good mounsieur, get your weapons in your hand,” (4.1.13)


“I would be loath to have you overflown with a honey bag, signior.” (4.1.15)


“I shall desire you of more acquaintance, good / Master Cobweb: if I cut my finger, I shall make bold with you.”


“Truly, a peck of provender. / I could munch your good dry oats. / Methinks I have a great desire to a bottle of hay.” (4.1.29)

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