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There are things in this comedy of Pyramus and Thisby that will never please. First, Pyramus must draw a sword to kill himself; which the ladies cannot abide. How answer you that?

Bottom is confused about the nature of dramatic performance. According to these lines from one of his opening speech, how do his worries about the ladies’ response to the play characterize him?


Bottom is clueless about how an audience will respond to a play. He thinks they won’t understand that the action isn’t real.


Bottom is a very loving and caring person who is constantly worried about the emotional wellbeing of everyone around him.


While Bottom fully understands that an audience is sophisticated enough to understand the action isn’t real, he is worried that it might be too real for the ladies.


Even though Bottom doesn’t fully understand how a play works, he is relatively sure that the audience will understand that the action happening onstage isn’t real.


Bottom is too much of a simpleton to even worry about the audience’s response to the action of the play.

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