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Enough, enough, my lord; you have enough.
I beg the law, the law, upon his head.
They would have stol'n away; they would, Demetrius,
Thereby to have defeated you and me,
You of your wife and me of my consent,
Of my consent that she should be your wife.

How is Egeus' response to Lysander's explanation typical of his character?


His righteous demand for legal action shows his deference for Theseus' authority and his belief in obeying the law.


His angry interruption of Lysander shows his impatient nature and his emphasis on Lysander and Hermia bypassing his consent shows his arrogance.


His outrageous demands for Lysander's punishment illustrates his exaggerated notion of his own importance.


His demand for justice and anger at almost being thwarted help to show he is an ethical man with a specific moral code.


His denunciation of Lysander's actions emphasize his concern for the safety of his daughter as well as support his concerns about Lysander's suitability for Hermia.

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