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Dramatic irony happens when the audience or reader knows something the character does NOT.

I do repent
The tedious minutes I with her have spent.
Not Hermia but Helena I love:
Who will not change a raven for a dove?
The will of man is by his reason sway'd;
And reason says you are the worthier maid.

What is the dramatic irony in the lines below from Lysander?


Regardless of the love potion, Lysander always loved Helena. He was only pretending to love Hermia to make Helena jealous.


Rational thought has nothing to with Lysander’s newly discovered love for Helena.


Lysander has always been a rival of Demetrius; therefore, he chose Hermia simply to make Demetrius mad.


Hermia was only using the two men as entertainment. She actually didn’t love either of them, which Lysander has suddenly realized.


Helena just won the jackpot because Oberon has vowed to help her. Thus, now that Lysander loves Helena, he is going to be extremely rich.

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