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But my good lord, I wot not by what power
But by some power it is my love to Hermia,
Melted as the snow…
The Object and the pleasure of mine eye,
is only Helena…like a sickness, did I loathe this food;
But, as in health, come to my natural taste,

How do these lines from Demetrius's long speech reveal that he is a dynamic character?


Demetrius acknowledges that he only ever truly loved Helena. His love of Hermia was an unnatural sickness.


Demetrius shows that his love for Helena is stronger than anything he felt for Hermia and he wants to keep Helena.


Demetrius acknowledges that his fickle affections got him into trouble and that he has changed. He admits his mistake and claims Helena as his true love.


Demetrius shows that he can love many women, maybe not well, but he can do it.


Demetrius admits that he only wants Helena, just as he has only wanted her throughout the play.

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