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PUCK: Now the hungry lion roars,
And the wolf behowls the moon;
…Now the wasted brands do glow,
Whilst the screech owl, screeching loud,
Puts the wretch that lies in woe
In remembrance of a shroud.
Now is the time of night,
That the graves, all gaping wide,
Every one lets forth his sprite,
In the churchway paths to glide:

Which line from Oberon's benediction balances Puck's speech about the night?


“Now, until the break of day, / Through this house each fairy stray.”


“Never mole, harelip, nor scar, Nor mark prodigious, such as are / Despised in nativity,”


“And the blots of nature's hand / Shall not in their issue stand.”


“…each several chamber bless, / Through this palace, with sweet peace, / And the owner of it blest / Ever shall in safety rest.”


“Trip away; make no stay; / Meet me all by break of day.”

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