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How does Philostrate characterize the Mechanicals in the following lines?

Hard-handed men, that work in Athens here,
Which never labored in their minds till now;
And now have toiled their unbreathed memories
With this same play, against your nuptial.


As men who do physical labor and, therefore, unfit to perform tasks that require intellectual labor.


As men who are heavy-handed and difficult to be around; beneath the notice of Theseus and his noble guests.


As men who work in Athens, yes; but who aren't prone to working very much and are, therefore, totally unprepared to perform for the Duke and his guests.


As men who know nothing about the real tragedy of Pyramus and Thisbe; so they wouldn't know how inappropriate for a nuptial the play is.


As good men who work hard and have prepared an interesting performance for the Duke and his guests to see.

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