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According to the stage directions, after Puck states "A stranger Pyramus than e’er played here!", he follows Bottom offstage.

What can you infer about their departure from the stage?


Puck is intent on helping Bottom with his portrayal of Pyramus to make it the best performance ever.


Puck is intent on hindering Bottom with his portrayal of Pyramus because he is mad at Bottom for how poorly he is portraying Puck’s old friend.


Puck is intent on doing some mischief and is following Bottom offstage for comedic purposes.


Puck is curious about what kind of creature Bottom is because he isn’t that familiar with Mechanicals.


Puck is worried that Bottom might wake up Titania before Oberon is ready for her to waken, so he follows Bottom to prevent him from waking Titania too early.

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