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In this play, the two settings, Athens and the fairy wood represent the two juxtaposing ideas of reality and illusion. The wood represents illusion and the imagination.

Which lines from the play support this definition of the wood?


“That very time I saw (but thou couldst not), / Flying between the cold moon and the earth, / Cupid all arm'd.” (2.1.155)


“I know a bank where the wild thyme blows / Where oxlips and the nodding violet grows, / Quite over-canopied with luscious woodbine / …There sleeps Titania sometime of the night / Lull'd in these flowers with dances and delight;” (2.1.249)


“Fare thee well, nymph. Ere he do leave this grove, / Thou shalt fly him, and he shall seek thy love.” (2.1.245)


“You do impeach your modesty too much, / Too leave the city and commit yourself / Into the hands of one that loves you not; / To trust the opportunity of night, / And the ill counsel of a desert place,” (2.1.214)


“I will go tell him of fair Hermia's flight; / Then to the wood will he tomorrow night Pursue her; and for this intelligence / If I have thanks, it is a dear expense.” (1.1.246)

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