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Hermia: Thy love ne'er alter till thy sweet life end!

Lysander: And then end life when I end loyalty!

Why do the following statements from Hermia and Lysander as they say goodnight sound ironic?


Hermia wants Lysander to die if he were ever to stop loving her, so she is actually cursing him, instead of blessing him.


Oberon’s potion is what caused these two to fall in love in the first place and will cause it to end, as well.


Egeus is searching the woods for Hermia and Lysander with the intent of killing Lysander, thus, ending their love much sooner than they both think.


Thanks to Oberon’s potion, no one’s love is safe, even these two who truly believe that their love will never end.


Lysander would rather die than stop loving Hermia, which is what happens in Hermia’s dream.

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