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Synesthesia is a figure of speech (as well as a medical condition) that combines in a single expression images related to two or more different senses. Bottom's speeches and lines continuously have examples of this literary term, such as, when he says,

I see a voice! Now will I to the chink,
To spy and I can hear my Thisby's face. (5.1.193)

What is Shakespeare's purpose in using synesthesia at this point in the play?


To create even more confusion in the scene.


To emphasize Bottom's unorthodox use of language, which helps to create unique imagery.


To juxtapose the intelligent lines of Thisby with the ridiculous mistakes of Pyramus.


To add to the humor and ridiculousness of the Mechanicals' acting.


To characterize Bottom (Pyramus) as an ordinary thinker who sometimes uses extraordinary imagery.

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