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You right on time today... Right on time. That's the way! (He slaps Bobo on his back). Sit down... lemmie hear.

(Ruth stands stiffly and quietly in back of them, as though somehow she senses death, her eyes fixed upon her husband.)

BOBO (his frightened eyes on the floor, his hat in his hands)
Could I please get a drink of water, before I tell you about it, Walter Lee?

(Walter does not take his eyes off the man. Ruth goes blindly to the tap and gets a glass of water and brings it to Bobo.) (Hansberry 2:3)

Consider Ruth's stage directions in the dialogue above. What is its impact on the scene as a whole?


Ruth does not understand finances.


Ruth is upset on account of Bobo's rudeness.


Ruth is completely unaware of any problems.


Ruth is jealous of Walter's control of the money.


Ruth knows something has gone terribly​ wrong.

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