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LINDER (Looking around at all of them.)
I take it then that you have decided to occupy.

That's what the man said.

LINDER (to Mama in her reverie.)
Then I would like to appeal to you, Mrs. Younger. You are older and wiser and understand things better I am sure . . .

MAMA (rising)
I am afraid you don't understand. My son said we was going to move and there ain't nothing left for me to say. (shaking her head with double meaning) You know how these young folks is nowadays, mister. Can't do a thing with 'em. Goodbye.

LINDER (folding up his materials.)
Well - if you are that final about it . . . There is nothing left for me to say. (He finishes. He is almost ignored by the family, who are concentrating on Walter Lee. At the door Linder halts and looks around.) I sure hope you people know what you're doing.

Bases on the above text, what can the reader infer from Linder's final statements?


Linder has conflicted feelings about his task.


The Younger family is entering into an uncertain future


Linder feels threatened by the Younger family's unity.


Linder secretly supports the Younger family's decision to move.


The Younger family will be looked up to as examples for others to follow.

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